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Seismic Project Management Overview

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GEMCORP are one of the most experienced industry suppliers of  Seismic Project Management, Operational and HSE Supervision Consultants, Contract & Bid Design and Evaluation, Geophysical Design & Analysis and  Logistics Management for seismic surveys worldwide. 

A seismic survey requires a large investment by the Company into a project with many unknowns which can manifest themselves to the Client in the form of HSSE, Geophysical, Economical, and Time risks. Key influences for each survey are varied and span many disciplines. The way in which theses influences interact with each other is also varied and complicated  and typically specific for each survey. These key influences range from economical, geophysical, logistical, and contractual. A seismic survey can be considered a success or failure on many different key indicators and therefore it is important for each project to obtain a successful balance of these key indicators. 

Seismic Project Management is the administration of the key influences of a survey to best achieve a Clients objectives. A measure of success of each survey is typically derived from the following key performance indicators of quality, cost and schedule;

  • Successful HSSE implementation of the project for both clients, contractors and indigenous population.
  • Geophysical and Geological resolution of key exploration and development objectives.
  • Economical success in perceived Value to Cost ratio of the completed survey.
  • Adherence to key milestones in the exploration and development time line.

    A key to achieving these goals is having the right  team of experts applied to the project from inception to project execution and completion. The Seismic Project Manager is a part of this team and his objectives are defined as follows. These objectives and their level of influence vary depending on project and Client requirements.

    1. Ensure the clients interest and objectives are protected.
    2. 100% focus on the project objectives in the execution environment.
    3. Continuous mitigation against missed objectives.
    4. Help prevent budget overruns through daily monitoring.
    5. Assist in the selection of fit for purpose contractors.
    6. Real time continuous assessment of project quality and parameters
    7. Maintain a consistent HSE approach to performance.
    8. Onsite conduit between Client and Contractor
    9. Qualified infield representative for rapid response decisions.

    An important differentiator to the Seismic project manager role by GEM is the application of a team of experts to this role. As each surveys influences are varied and span disciplines it is important to have access to experts within each discipline to fully optimise decisions. Each of our representatives has constant access to this multidisciplinary team. Each project from inception is also reviewed by the management team.

    Please read on through our further detailed articles of the Seismic Project Manager roles and responsibilities during the different phases of a project execution. We hope this detail has been helpful in defineing the services GEM for our Clients.

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