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Geophysical Exploration Management

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Welcome to Geophysical Exploration Management - GEM. We only offer experienced professional team management services and advice related to seismic exploration and development projects.   Every seismic exploration and development campaign is a large investment in capital to obtain the best geophysical and economical returns for the Client stakeholders. Seismic data is one of the main components which is used to underpin the geological and geophysical models for the exploitation of subsurface resources. Each campaign is a complicated and interactive balance of logistical, economical, contractual and geophysical parameters. The GEM management team is purposefully comprised of experts in each of these main disciplines within the seismic industry.  Each member of this team has a minimum of 22 years experience in their respective fields of expertise. The application of GEM to any project brings to bear the combined experience of this team. This is achieved through a continuous interaction and project review by the senior management team for the project life. GEM approaches each project as a company and not individuals so as to impart the maximum benefit of expertise for each client. When you hire GEM you're hiring our whole team.

" with GEM your project is in the hands of an experienced team "

Geophysical Exploration Management offer management services in the following categories.     



Seismic Project Management

 Geophysical Design & Analysis

  Logistical Management

  Contract & Bid Design Evaluation

  HSE Supervision & Auditing

Operations, Survey, Processing Supervision

The GEM commitment to our clients is to make a positive impact to each project that our services are applied to. A positive impact can be best achieved through the early involvement of the GEM team within the project life cycle. Establishing an early trust relationship through honesty, professional experience and commitment with our clients allows for the implementation of a combined Client - GEM knowledgebase in the important formative stages of any project life cycle.  

The GEM multidisciplinary management team specialise in multi configuration seismic surveys operating in land and transition environments.
Source types;
Vibroseis, Dynamite, Airgun, Mixed Source, Thumper/Weight Drop.
2D, 3D, 4D, Conventional, Single Sensor, 3 Component, Velocity Geophone, Accelerometers, Hydrophone.
Desert, Steppe, Mountainous, Jungle, Farmland, Urban, Transition, Arctic.
Seismic Grade
Regional Exploration, Target Exploration, Reservoir Definition, Reservoir Exploitation



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